First blog post

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A strong foundation.

I know it’s been a little bit since my last post. We had a little set back. We had to bring in more dirt that cost us more money. Then redig the footers. But we got past that and we are back on track now. We just poured our footers and now we are putting blocks up. So far this process has been little hectic. In my first blog I mentioned that we are living in a small camper with our kids while we build our house! I knew it wouldn’t be easy. But with the winter months and now all the rain my kids are driving me nuts! Also the fridge in the camper when out so we had to put a fridge in our shed and that is so not fun when you have a 2 year old that wants chocolate milk it seems like every 10 minutes! I am trying to keep positive though that spring is coming and things will be better. I am sure we are going to look back years later and laugh about all this craziness. Here are a few pictures I took over the weekend.

Building our forever home…

This is my first blog post.. my husband and I are building our first home. We are doing it ourselves. We want to be Morgage free! We currently live in a small camper with our kids as we build our house. We just started digging footers and forming the house up.I am doing this blog to be able to write about this experience as we go and maybe help others who would like to do the same .. received_1566099843480746.jpeg